Why All The Buzz About Go90Grow?

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People are asking me, “why all the buzz about Go90Grow?” I think to myself, well, if you had read any of my recent posts and watched the training videos included, you wouldn’t have to ask that question!


The message from Mark J. is just so simple … it”s the answer to the old question, which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

In Network Marketing, we all agree that we need people to talk to, people to join us in our businesses, people to make up a team that we can lead to financial success.

I have spent nearly 4 years now learning about developing my lead list, yet my financial success in this business is basically in the same position it was when I started!


Because I didn’t have the skills necessary to turn my list of leads into customers or team associates! Without any of the necessary skills, I had absolutely no confidence in myself which made the telephone the heaviest object in my life! I spent most of my time and effort trying to “talk” with people on my list using the only “safe” form of communication I felt I had, e-mail and posting!


That method of “talking” with people really wore me out, day after day … I began to feel like a carnival “hawker”, spewing out endless messages that seemingly fell upon def ears!

No more! Now I am confident enough to pick up the phone … I have learned some very simple skills that allow me to talk with people I have never met and actually avoid their “Sales Filter” and speak to their subconscious mind, the place where their decisions are made!


I suggest, from my own experience, that you learn the skills you will need to talk with your “list” or “leads” before you spend all your time making your lead list! After all, if you have the skills, you can always find a lead!

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Why All The Buzz About Go90Grow?

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