DWG International, Inc.

I have been using a car care product line since 1993 that is marketed under the name of DriWash’N Guard. This is an amazing line of waterless car care products that will baffle your mind!

Watch this exclusive 30 second demonstration showing just how a single product called “Ultra Ion” removes a short message written on the side of a $37,000 Yellow Mustang with a permanent Sharpie marker!

DriWash’n Guard has a number of “Waterless” car care products that Clean, Polish and Protect your Car, Boat, Motorcycle & RV. We also have a line of amazing home cleaning products.

Here are two videos by DWG Associates that demonstrate just how easy it is to Clean, Polish and Protect your vehicle all in just one application of Dri-Wash’n Guard

For more information about these products and a business opportunity that will allow you to earn as a DWG Business Owner, contact me and I will be happy to explain the products and the Business Model. Go ahead, complete the following form and get started “Squirting the Dirt” the DWG way!

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DWG International, Inc.

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