How Does A Traffic Exchange Work?

For those of you who may not be familiar with Traffic Exchanges, I would like to take just a few minutes to explain the benefits of using a Traffic Exchange as one of your choices for getting consistent traffic to your promotional Sites.

All of us that use the Internet and World Wide Web as a medium for promoting goods and services that we offer for sale, have to consider just how in the world can we get just a little piece of this multi-billion dollar market place.

There are estimated to be nearly two billion users of the internet today and that means an enormous number of prospects for our goods and services, but the real difficulty is putting together a viable strategy for reaching those prospects that are looking for what we have to offer.

There are many diverse ways that professionals devise to “reach out and touch someone” via the internet, but some can be very complicated and many of us less experienced and educated marketers are unable to tap into the resources available for things like Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Key Word and Key Phrase Optimization, especially at the beginning of our careers as internet marketers.

Basically, I see two major avenues of approach to this monstrous dilemma …. One approach is to promote to our prospects and the other approach is to promote our goods and services so that our prospects can find us.

The use of a Traffic Exchange is just one choice for promoting to our prospects in an attempt to have our business ventures seen by them as potential customers or marketing associates.

As a member of a Traffic exchange, each member is there for a specific purpose, which is to get other people to see their goods or services by viewing their site(s). But how do you get your site(s) viewed by others? You exchange your views at their site(s) for their views at your site(s). Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it!

So this is how you make the Traffic Exchange system work for you. You join an exchange as a free member. You earn “view” credits for your site(s) by surfing other member sites that are in a rotator in the system. For each site you view, you will earn some percentage of credit for views allowed for your own site(s). There are always additional levels of membership which you are invited to upgrade to, which means that you subscribe to a monthly fee for that level. The upgraded levels will give you a better surf ratio (number of views made to number of view credits) and other benefits such as lower surf timers and also a package of monthly credits that you will get each month without having to surf for them. There are usually three types of ads that are offered in most traffic exchanges … Site Views, Banner Ads and Text Ads. Most upgrade levels will include a number of each type of ad for you in the package you subscribe to.

If you have more time than money, you stay at a free level and earn your advertising credits. If you have more money than time, you upgrade to a package that fits your budget and needs. Either way, your ads will be rotating 24/7 and viewed almost constantly by other people in the business.


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How Does A Traffic Exchange Work?

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