Three Things We All Want Today

No matter who I talk to, no matter when I talk to them, it seems that when I ask a certain question, I usually get the same answer. So, the question is, “if you had three wishes today, what would you wish for”? The answer I get from the majority of people is this … Randy, I’d like More Money, More Time With My Family & Friends and I’d like Less Taxes!

If your answer was on the same order, and let’s be upfront here, you already answered the question, I’d be happy to share with you exactly how I got my three wishes to come true. There’s an old saying, “It’s not that winners do certain things but they do things in a certain way”.

Before we go further, let’s get the money thing out of the way, so you can totally relax. The information I have to share with you is not going to lead you to a Squeeze Page or a Sales Page or even a Web Site where we’re going to try and extract MONEY from you! I’ve always believed that Network Marketing is about freely giving away what was given to you and in the past several years, I’ve seen more and more of these “Internet Gurus” selling “secrets”. Folks, I’m here to tell you and every body that is successful in Network Marketing knows this…

just a couple of things that we don’t know when we get started.

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Three Things We All Want Today

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