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Ticklish Thursday …Should I Be Giggling?

Hi again everyone, Randy May here …

Wow, hasn’t this week slipped by fast, not to mention the month of May!

When I prepared my calendar for today and saw the title Janet had given the day for the Morning Motivator, I thought to myself … should I be giggling? At the time, giggling was not something I was thinking about. I had just finished day #40 in my Tools To Life workshop and I really didn’t feel like giggling. Yesterday I had come to the ugly truth about my tendency to procrastinate and again today in my exercises, I had to confront and face that truth even further, so I really didn’t feel very ticklish!

So, let’s take a look at that word, ticklish. Ticklish: Sensitive to tickling (ok, so whats new about that?); liable to be upset or easily offended (huh?); Attended with risk; difficult; delicate (what?). I didn’t realize the word could carry such diverse emotion! From what most of us experience as fun, joy and pleasure, being sensitive to tickling, to what most of us probably experience as non-fun, non-joy and non-pleasure, all in one word. That is really an amazing word, now that I think about it!

Janet referred us to a quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” As I re-read this quote, I find myself thinking in terms of, nothing is static or forever, life changes, we need to experience and accept the influence these changes have upon us, yet continue along on our journeys.

The word ticklish now came to mind, but not in the sense of that sensitivity to tickling. What came to mind for me was that new struggle I had discovered in Tools that I needed to muster up the courage and energy to confront. Liable to be upsetting or easily offensive … YES! Attended with risk … YES! Difficult … YES! Delicate … YES! Oh my goodness, it is Ticklish Thursday!

I had to go back to the Law of Attraction. What I think about will come about. What I want and focus on, will be. Dump the negative, give power to the positive. Ok, so I have this huge character defect that has plagued me most of my adult life and I have spent unaccountable hours, days, months and years trying to avoid or even acknowledge it … not today, Ticklish Thursday, here it is, facing me down and I can’t hide!

The first thing I asked myself was, is this character defect a negative or positive thing? (That’s a no brainier!) Next, I asked myself, is this something I want? My answer was … NO. So how do I rid myself of this issue? I have to use that universal law! I want to be free of procrastination. I want to move forward toward success in my life and stop going around in circles. Each day, I will be focusing first and foremost, on the removal of procrastination from my day. I will see what I want, I will attach my passion to the work and I will succeed, one day at a time!

I was led to these words this morning and I know there was a purpose for it.

Now this is your time … to do something with your LIFE.
Think about yourself … think about your FUTURE.
Start to realize your DREAMS … and make your life SUCCESSFUL.
Just make the first STEP … make the most logical CHOICE …
and then MOVE ON with your life.
Strive to realize your full POTENTIAL.
Every day there’s an OPPORTUNITY … waiting to be DISCOVERED.
If you BELIEVE in something … just GO for it.
Spread your wings and soar high … and don’t be afraid to fall.
Remember – ACTION is a key to success.
Think what you want to do … get STARTED … and DO IT WELL.
Be not afraid to make a CHANGE.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE in everything you do.
Set your own GOALS … WORK hard … overcome every obstacle.
Turn the impossible into a POSSIBLE success.

WIN your life RACE!

Now that you have read these words, I want you to SEE and HEAR them … enjoy!

Tomorrow I hope to be back with another post, sharing what I have learned and experienced today … If you would like to comment on this post, please do, comments are always appreciated!

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Ticklish Thursday

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