Webinar Invitation

June 20th @ 8PM EDT

‘Power House Ladies Night Live’ at Pure Leverage!

Wow, we have a special webinar in store for you.
It’s The Ladies of Pure Leverage LIVE on Thursday!

You don’t want to miss this one.

Mark Call and Joel Therien will be hosting the TOP Ladies
that are absolutely Rockin’ Pure Leverage.

We have top affiliates, Jackie Ulmer, Krystal Taylor & Alicia Forton along with Pure Leverage co-owner Ilona Therien
along w/ Melissa Cohoe, our Social Media expert. Wow… now we are talkin’ power!

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Read the short Bio’s of our featured speakers ….

– Jackie Ulmer
Jackie Ulmer is an award winning network marketing veteran, team builder, trainer, speaker and MLM author.

She stuck one toe in the profession of Network Marketing in January, 1994 and soon found she was addicted to the fun, personal growth, income and advantages that being one’s own boss offers. Six years into her business, she began exploring the possibilities that the Internet offered as a tool in her business.

Today, she’s built a solid six figure income using the Internet to build her Network Marketing business while maintaining the roles of wife, mom, kid’s cab driver, and social coordinator. Social Media marketing is the platform she enjoys using,
learning and mentoring on. When used correctly, this method of business building is extremely powerful and far reaching.

Her passion is empowering women and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and reach for the stars.

– Krystal Taylor
This single mom has changed her life with the power of the internet and is now known as a LEADER on the home front of Pure Leverage.

– Alicia Forton
Wow! This all star came out of no-where generating a TEAM fast and had her first $1600 DAY in her first 35 days of starting in ‘The Business’

– Ilona Therien
A true female LEADER who will share the story of “The Woman Behind The Success”. She has been instrumental in every aspect of the Pure leverage company and helped shape the future for thousands of people. Ilona is one of the sharpest business woman you will ever meet!

– Melissa Cohoe
She was thrown into the “Marketing World” with very little prior knowledge. She picked the reins and drove the internet horse to water. She now works with PL affiliates World Wide and CARES about everyone’s success.

As you can see… This is gonna be a HUGE webcast with some GREAT LEADERS …. DON’T MISS IT!

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Webinar Invitation

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