Today Is Tidy Thursday … A Really Good Day To Tidy Up!

Welcome to my newest blog site … I encourage you to visit it often as I will be posting daily. The primary focus of my posts will be in the area of Personal Growth and Development, and will spill over into the Growth and Development of my Internet Networking Experiences.

Welcome to Tidy Thursday. Hi everyone, Randy May here … today our Morning Motivator began with a quote from Mark Twain, “Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.” What do you suppose Mr. Twain was trying to tell us? As I read this quote, I see him telling me, Randy, however you want to dress or look on the outside, makes no matter, it is your choice each day to follow your desires about how you dress or present yourself. You don’t need to concern yourself about making these choices consistently, either. But, you need to keep consistently focused upon what is in your heart and soul and present that to the world in each and everything you do.

Today, I will achieve only what my mindset allows me to achieve, no matter how I dress or look on the outside. What matters most each day, is my mind set, because that is where my success will come from. You see, what ever is going on with me on the outside really doesn’t matter at all. What really matters most is what is going on on the inside, with my heart, soul and in my mindset.

Thanks to Don Legere for guiding us in the Tidy Thursday Morning Motivator session. You did a great job, but I still missed Janet and her strong voice of passion and courage, as I bet most of us regulars did!

Yesterday was Wide Wednesday at Morning Motivator and Janet Legere proposed a really “far out” concept, at least for me yesterday, it seemed really “far out”! Actually, it was so “far out” that I didn’t post on my blog about it because I needed more time to digest and review the information and then connect it with some emotion.

Today, after Don’s guidance on the mindset and what really matters is what is inside of all of us, I was riding my AirDyne exercise machine doing a little cardio, listening to the Rolling Stones. All of a sudden, just like a bolt of lightening, it struck me … OMG!

Janet talked yesterday about bridging your beliefs in the direction of your desires. Giving yourself permission to do the impossible. Getting your eyes, words and thoughts off the present moments. We heard Janet address this age old issue of, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. We all have heard this … it’s about patience … we are still moving forward, right, isn’t that the lesson? Well, Janet said to me, Randy, stop moving backward at all … Only move forward and patience will not be needed! Wow, why didn’t I think of that!

It is in the wanting of more that the Law of Attraction will “fan the flames” of the fire that burns inside all of us, the flames of passion! In achieving something beyond, I must release my current belief(s) and adopt a new one(s). I MUST MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD. Quantum leaps are achieving the wanting part of life … did you hear that? Quantum leaps are achieving that wanting part of life.

So, what about that bolt of lightening? I have been doing the old Two steps forward, One step back routine since September of 2010 in my quest for internet marketing success. I have at times, been very pleased with my progress and felt that I was finally arriving, but then came the “back step” and my flames died down to a mild smolder. There were times that I almost gave up, but then the Two steps forward, and it looked better so I just told myself to have patience … really and seriously, I remember that self talk!

When lightening struck today, I was deep into contemplation. I was in my mind, going over and over what Janet said yesterday and what Don said today and it all seemed to be some how connected, but I just couldn’t relax with it … something wasn’t there. Then I thought about how I have been taught to market, prior to meeting Janet, Don and the CLB family. I thought about how I felt this morning when 3 of the 5 friends from Facebook that I messaged yesterday for the first time responded to me. I had let them know that I was interested in knowing a little more about them and their experiences. Their replies offered to sign me up in some opportunity or business that would make me tons of money without hardly any effort on my part! Ever heard that before? As is replayed those feelings, here is what came to me. OMG, they aren’t interested in me, just in whether or not I’ll buy from them. That really hurt my feelings for just a bit! The truth is, the people that had been leading me in my internet marketing quest had this same mindset and had instilled some of it in me. CRASH goes the lightening … now I see the truth. I’ve spent all of this time, up until April 1st., taking Two steps forward, then One step back, over and over again. No wonder I felt like … (get ready for this Michael C.) … a blind dog in a meat market! I was surrounded with marketers that only knew how to send a link and hope someone would join, and I was becoming one of them! NOT TODAY … I’ve taken a QUANTUM JUMP … I understand that there are really two sides to this marketing business. One side, the side I was hooked into, rarely fanned my passion. I was always trying another brand of “Charcoal” to see if I could get that passion burn going! Have you ever heard about the question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Have you really ever decided the answer? Does it really matter … To me, that is about two components that are required for me to have breakfast, breakfast being the goal. It doesn’t matter to me which came first as long as I had my breakfast. Well, in marketing the goal is to complete a sale. Does it matter whether the sales man comes to the buyer or the buyer comes to the salesman as long as the sale is completed? Probably not, but for me, the marketer, it does make a difference in how I reach my goal, to complete a sale, and I really don’t like the method I had been taught which was to get a product or opportunity and go find someone to sell it to! Man, too many people out there to contact, only to find out they have no interest what so ever in what I have to offer. And, getting back to that blind dog, advertising my product or service in places where only marketers, looking for buyers go, that didn’t bring in but only minimal positive results, but for sure increased the volume of my email “Inbox” on a daily basis … wait a minute, I’m not looking for another opportunity, I’m looking for a prospective client or customer! Is this making any sense at all to you?

Here is what the “Lightening” gave me in a nut shell. I can either mass market to all that I can reach in hope that what I have is what they want, ride that passion roller coaster and do the three step thing, OR, I can let the world of consumers find what I have to offer when they need it. What do internet customers do to find what they want? They use something called a search engine .. what a novel idea!

Now are you getting the picture? As I look back upon my 35+ years in the Insurance & Real Estate business with my father, I can really understand what he told me so long ago. He said Randy, every agent in the world has the best policy or the best home or the best price for every client. How are you going to compete with that. Are you going to have the best policy, home or price also? Then cam his bolt of lightening. He said to me, Randy, my dad once told me that if you sell yourself to the people you meet, you don’t have to worry about selling your product to them, they’ll come to you and ask you for it!

That statement was from a pretty street smart guy .. a guy that had a small clothing store back in the early 1800s in Cozad, Nebraska .. a guy that could see that when the paving laborers were in town, paving the streets with bricks, he should just put a nice silk shirt in the window for them to see. He offered them good quality at a fair price, but more importantly, he had his door open with a welcome sign near by and treated them like he thought he’d like to be treated. By the time the streets were paved, my dad said that every one of those brick layers had at least one or two silk shirts to wear at night when they hung out down town after work! And they all knew my grandpa
by name and he new them by name.

So here’s the deal. I have been preparing since April 1st. this year for something that I wasn’t sure what it was. Now I know and now I’m taking a “Quantum Leap” forward in my marketing career. I’m going to be the marketer that the search engines find for those people looking for products or services that I have to offer and when they find me they will say, “Hey, I know that guy … I see him all over the place trying to be helpful and friendly … I’m going to go to his site for what I need today.”

Contact List Builder, with its family of down line builders, tools, and recommended associated programs is how I’m going to succeed online and all the pavers will be wearing “Silk Shirts”.

Today, I will Tidy Up My Soul ….

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  1. Randy I love reading your post and look forward to the next one (I subscribed so I don’t miss out). Your passion and your compassion truely inspire me. Your words make the hair on my arms stand up and my eyes water. Keep writing my friend.

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