Teamwork Thursday

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Today, on he Morning Motivator, we continued our study of The Law Of Attraction, a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks. On Friday of last week, we finished Part III, entitled The Science Of Deliberate Creation and on Monday this week, we began part IV, The Art Of Allowing. I will visit more of the Law Of Attraction study in future posts … today, I want to address this thing we call Team Work.

Janet Legere of Contact List Builder began our Morning Motivator with this quote from Baltasar Gracion, “The path to greatness is along with others.” Think about this for just a few minutes …. “The path to greatness is along with others” …. Now think of all those “Great” men and women in our history and see if you can find more than a handful that stood absolutely alone in their greatness. I couldn’t come up but with very, very few which gets to my point. Greatness is generally the result of a leader, working together with a team of like minded people to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.

The training that I have been taking through programs like Contact List Builder, Traffic Leads 2 Income and Tools To Life all seem to revolve around this concept of leaders and teams … this is where we will most likely find success in our marketing businesses. Every team can be see as a colony of bees. Every colony has a Queen Bee, who is realistically the top leader, then there are Drone Bees who tend to the Queen and help to organize and motivate the Worker Bees. All of the bees have an activity that they are good at and they do it without question and the result is not only the proliferation of the colony, but the production of Honey, as a by-product.

We all can learn to work together, identifying our own special talents and the talents of others in our team. We all can see how we can fit into the “Colony” for the benefit of all! Leaders can lead for awhile and then step back and let others lead … just like the Geese do when they are making their annual flights of so many miles year after year. We can learn from the Bees and we can learn from the Geese. Did you know that a flock of Geese, flying in their V formation, will achieve 71% more distance each day by using that formation? Nature is amazing and Nature can apply to our own marketing strategies, if we will allow it to.

Open your minds, accept your role in your team … support your leaders and lead those that follow you. Success can be achieved much more rapidly and soundly when we all understand the real meaning of …Team Work.

Here Is A Wonderful Video Example Of Nature’s Team Work … Enjoy and Be Inspired!

Click the wide screen icon, right end control bar as you begin the video.

Lets All Pull Together And Succeed!

I hope to be back soon with another post, sharing more of what I have learned and experienced on-line … If you would like to comment on this post, please do, comments are always appreciated!


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Teamwork Thursday

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