Stimulating Thoughts On Friday’s Tragedy

December 17, 2012

I just read a very stimulating article written by Erick Erickson (Diary) and published on The article is entitled Good Will To Men, which sorta has a Christmas ring to it, but there wasn’t any mention of Santa Clause.

“Children cry out for their mommy and their daddy. Young men on the battlefield, as death comes over them, do the same. It is a natural instinct at life’s end for the young. Just the thought of the children crying out for their moms and dads as they died overwhelms the senses of those of us far removed from the tragedy. It is an instinct, though, that we should confront.” What a stimulating statement this is to me.

Erick also stated, and I quote,”Discussions of gun control are easier to have than discussions about mental health. But they too are easier to have than those about the collapse of the American family. History and multiple studies show that the most stable foundation of a society is a two parent nuclear household with multiple children.”

If these two quotes from the article are now stimulating your thought process, I urge you to read the entire article for yourself and then spend some quiet time pondering over what you have read and where your belief system actually resides ….

Read The Article Here

After reading the article and spending some time in contemplation, please drop back here and leave your comments …


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Stimulating Thoughts On Friday’s Tragedy

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4 responses to “
Stimulating Thoughts On Friday’s Tragedy

  1. Wow Randy,

    Thanks for sharing man. Erick’s article was Powerful
    to say the least. Awesome reader’s comments as well.
    And I strongly agree…
    the breakdown of the nuclear family, along with turning
    our backs on God, has had devastating consequences on
    our society.
    The death of the innocent children is horribly troubling.
    But goodness, debating gun control? Really?
    Geez the guy could have used a knife, axe, chainsaw
    and the list goes on and on.
    It’s not the weapon that poses the danger, rather the
    evil within the weapon’s User.

    And Yes, Mental Health is entirely overlooked as the serious
    problem that it is, and how it affects/effects our society.
    Thanks again Randy.

    Merry CHRISTMAS and God Bless!

  2. Johannes says:

    I left South Africa because of regular innocent bloodshed, the human race is broken up and needs a complete change. When and how I cannot say.
    My wife and I are praying for those families who are grieving. Thanks for the article and we totally agree with: this statement- “History and multiple studies show that the most stable foundation of a society is a two parent nuclear household with multiple children”
    A comment on CNN said “it is people who kill other people, not guns, legal guns or stolen guns”

    Johannes Breyten-Bach
    Vancouver BC

  3. Lesta Woods says:

    Randy, here’s is my favorite quote from the article.
    “We have become accustomed in our vernacular to treat evil as the opposite of good or the opposite of God. Evil is not just a word and not the opposite of good or God, but the absence of God taking on a life of its own. The act in Connecticut may have been committed by a mentally disturbed individual, but the act was evil. The person, at the time committing the act, was evil.” I am reminded about a children’s film i saw recently entitled “Rise of the Guardian.” I believe every believer should see this film. While it is based on child like fantasies, it is in reality showing us what happens when darkness or evil takes over. It is reminding us when we loose hope, we loose faith. When we loose faith we sin with God. The very thing that connects us to God is that part of our mind that we concieve that He exists. When we loose our imagination, our fantasy, we also loose our ability to believe in the prospect of a higher power, in this case God. So, many of us think by teaching our children not to believe in fairy tales, Christmas, and even God is creating a better reality in fact it is creating a reality for evil to flourish…… I will quit on that note!

  4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I totally believe in the two parent home with children brought up in God’s love and law. Only when our nation can get back to the Bible will we find the peace and goodwill to men that God intends for us to have. Hearts have to turn to God and love. Love endures forever.

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