Research Shows Blogging a Top Focus for Marketers

As a novice internet marketer, I do my best to research and learn as much as I can about this business, the tools, the mindset, the marketing strategies and the different forms of media available to promote my business and convert leads into sales.

I found a really interesting article today that I thought might be interesting to my blog readers. The article was published by Patricia Redsicker on June 17, 2013. the article is titled “Research Shows Blogging a Top Focus for Marketers”.

When asked what social media platform they wanted most to master, 62% of marketers said blogging, putting it in first place slightly ahead of Google+. This answer is consistent with other studies, which show that the appetite for blogging education is growing.

I found this article of particular importance to my educational endeavors and I hope that you will take the time to read it yourself in its entirety. I would like to hear thoughts after reading the article, so please comment here about them!

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