Rejection Free Recruiting? Yes!

Welcome friend,

If you missed my previous email…

The Go90Grow video training is
rocking the MLM industry and
I wanted to let you know video 2 is up.


It would be an understatement to say
people are blown away.

Average people, who were struggling,
are turning their business around
in less than 90 days – that’s what
the 90 is for in Go90Grow.

The best part is people are having
fun, recruiting rejection free.


This training is not fluff, exactly
what to say and do to get a ‘yes’ 84+%
of the time and do it all in less than
30 seconds, rejection free.

Mark’s giving away word-for-word scripts that
get results. You’ll get them just for viewing this
3 video series.

Go grab the skill and the scripts.

Hearing ‘yes’ makes a huge difference.
Everybody says if they knew they
could recruit in 2 sentences, rejection free
and get a ‘yes’ 80-90% of the time they’d make
more calls. And I am!

And it’s turning into growth in my group.


Best regards,
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Randy May

PS: Mark is a friend of mine and is giving some
very cool stuff away if you’ll opt in and leave a
comment. He writes about 1-2 blogs a week and they
are all content, no selling stuff…kind of an ‘anti-guru’
if you will. So opt-in, watch and comment and you’ll get
4 bonus tools along with the free video.


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Rejection Free Recruiting? Yes!

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