Politician or Warrior

Tomorrow, here in Nebraska, we will go to the voting polls and cast our individual votes for several very important positions in State and Federal government primary races.

It seems to me that the biggest “war” we as US citizens are fighting is the war that has been ongoing in Washington DC and our State Legislatures for many years. The battle is about having a Constitutional Rule of Law as a Republic or moving into a form of democracy that will ultimately lead to Socialism, Marxism or a Totalitarian Society.

With this thought in mind, I have decided to cast my votes for who I see as Political Warriors, not Political Career Seekers. It is so hard in today’s environment to filter out the truth and the fiction when we are deluged with media “spin” about our candidates.

I have personally met and spent quality time with two current candidates that I hope you will consider seriously when casting your vote. These candidates are grass roots candidates, they have not received support and financial help from out of state influence, celebrities or organizations. They have spent hours of their time meeting and greeting the people of Nebraska on a one-on-one basis. They both have dedicated portions of their personal lives to the good of our state and our country. They both are Worriers, not Career Seeking Politicians!

I want one more chance for you to see information about these two “Warrior” candidates, thus this post …

Bryan Slone For Governor

Col Tom Brewer For Congress

Candidate Links For More Information

Bryan Slone For Governor

Tom Brewer For Nebraska

Your Voice Cannot Be Heard Until You Cast Your Vote


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Politician or Warrior

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