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Permission Based Marketing … Are You Kidding Me … What the heck is Permission Based Marketing?

I have been learning about internet marketing now since September of 2010 and I can tell you, I have spent enough time at it now that I am really getting very impatient with the number of people that want to call themselves internet marketers, yet still have not learned the most simple form of on-line etiquette!

How many times have you been Skyped, Messaged or Emailed by an unknown person and all they had to say was some hyped up garbage and gave you a link to go to before it was too late! Ever experienced that?

I have and it just isn’t the way I believe business on the internet should be promoted. You know, there is a reason that Multi-Level Marketing has gotten such an ugly name in our society and quite frankly, the way things are going today, I think the internet marketing industry is beginning to take on that same kind of ugly!

I attended an excellent training conference this morning at Net Learning Academy that prompted me to sit down and write this post. Janet Legere, owner of Contact List Builder and several other programs that are focused on training and guiding marketers on the internet to succeed, spent 30 minutes showing us just how simple it is today to adapt a strategy of Permission Based Marketing. A strategy that will help all of us succeed and take the “UGLY” completely out of this business!

So just what is Permission Based Marketing? Look at the words. Marketing … Based … Permission. Hummm …… Oh I see … If I am going to develop long term, business relationships on the internet, I am going to get people’s Permission before I send them information about my business. Gosh, that makes sense. I will be giving information only to people that have said to me, “sure, you can send me your information”!

Are the lights coming on now?

What and excellent strategy … get their permission! If I was approached in this manner each day, I’m sure that I would not only pay more attention to people that contact me, but also I would be more inclined to take a look at what they have to offer or at least give them a courteous answer and hopefully begin a relationship with them based upon their etiquette and professionalism … they, in turn, would feel the same way about me. Sounds like a “Win / Win” situation to me … what do you think?

I have been using this strategy myself over the past few weeks after hearing about it in one of my favorite Skype support groups, and believe me, it is working well for me and for a number of others that are trying it. We have even developed, as a group, a very simple script that anyone can use that will surely get much more positive response to our marketing promotions.

If you would like to know more about the strategy of Permission Based Marketing, join my community by completing the form above right and we can discuss this further. If you are already a member, just contact me at your earliest convenience.

Soon, I hope to be back with another post, sharing more of what I have learned and experienced on-line … If you would like to comment on this post, please do, comments are always appreciated!


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Permission Based Marketing

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Permission Based Marketing

  1. Janet Legere says:

    Permission based marketing has been our focus since 1999 and for some reason, many online ‘marketers’ do not understand the meaning. Thanks for this great explanation Randy!

  2. Excellent blog post. This the way to do it.

  3. DA Riley says:

    Nicely written Randy!

    Unfortunately many do not take the time to think… they just do!

    They get visions of dollar signs in their head and think the more people they can contact, the better… whether they know them or not. What they don’t realize, is they are only hurting themselves.

    I also don’t recommend Over Utilizing Your Permission Marketing… just because you have a relationship with another marketer and have their permission to solicit with new “stuff” don’t think that gives you the right to send to them every day… or more…

    If that’s me… our relationship would quickly dwindle, and you would soon lose that contact information… and permission.


  4. Great observation, Randy. It’s all about relationships, and good ones are better than bad ones!

  5. Randy Great Post I have used prmission base marketing for some time and built a huge downline with a business a couple of years ago before it went under. It works well. You did a great job esplaining it. More people should come on board and learn how to apply GREAT BLOG

  6. Randy, I was on that call and a lot of lights went on for me. Thank you for the great post. You have explained it really well. It makes so much sense to get to know people who are really interest in what you have to offer, and not shove your business at them if they do not want to be bothered with it. It is just a waste of everyone’s time. I enjoy all of your blog posts, keep up with sharing all this great information!

  7. Excellent post and I think you have learned well in your time online – some just never, never get it – they will continue and then they are the first to run their mouths about a program, about a site or about a mentor saying they don’t know what they are doing. The sad point is that we all get blamed and point the finger at us BUT they don’t see the ones pointing back at themselves – unfortunately most of these people have to hit a brick wall to wake them up.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

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