May 5 – Daily Reflection

“Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness.”
– Jean de la Bruyere, 17th century French essayist

Are you paying attention to how your time is spent?

Days don’t get shorter. Our attention spans do. How can summer be over in a blink while it seems like the weekend will never get here? Because we’re not paying attention. Five days out of seven, we’re waiting for something else to happen in the future, and we don’t take advantage of the day that we hold in our pocket. Have you ever had someone ask what you did last week–or even yesterday–and had trouble coming up with an answer? You probably wouldn’t have had any problem at all if your time were spent on something meaningful for you. Don’t wait for tomorrow! Ignore the calendar and work with one day at a time. Fill that one day with stuff you’ll pay attention to, the stuff that memories are made of. A little bit of focus will help you get rid of that hectic blur.


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May 5 – Daily Reflection

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