July 3 – Daily Reflection

“Pay attention when an old dog is barking.”
– Old Proverb

Learn From Someone Who’s Been There

You can learn a lot from someone who’s been sniffing his/her way around the neighborhood for a while. “Experienced” individuals have unique skills and knowledge that come from years of experience. These talents are usually unappreciated and, in many cases, undiscovered. But others can make great teachers, ideal sounding boards, or valuable mentors. They can tell you where potential trouble spots are, how to score extra treats, and who’s most likely to scratch you behind your ears. If you’re a young pup still learning your way through the world (as we all are), you can use all the wisdom and street smarts you can get. Instead of baying at the moon, try keeping your ears open for older dogs.


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July 3 – Daily Reflection

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