July 23 – Daily Reflection

The best antique is an old friend.
– Anonymous

Are you a good friend?

Even if you aren’t an antique lover, you can probably appreciate old things. The most worthwhile, long-term investment you can make is investing in relationships. A healthy, edifying friendship can have a huge impact on your well-being, character, and even your success. Old friends have seen us through celebrations, grief, births, graduations, marriages, and so much more. They love us for who we are–warts and all! Think about the most formative friendships in your life and consider writing a note of appreciation to each of your friends. Maybe there are some buddies that you need to reach out to because they have a need, or others you just need to reconnect with. Your gratitude shows them that they are cared for, which everyone needs to know./h2>

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July 23 – Daily Reflection

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July 23 – Daily Reflection

  1. rachel strek says:

    I am thankful for the Harley friend I have found in you Randy! It truly is a pleasure to have found someone to be there when I need, even if we just have a good laugh, it is all good! Just want to say thanks H.B.! 🙂

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