It’s Addictive!

Hi … Randy May, here on a Thankful Thursday. I was doing some reading, watching and thinking this morning about my networking business and I decided to jot down a few of my thoughts and share them with my readers.

When I was active in the Real Estate & Insurance business (36 years, downtown in an office), the one thing I absolutely hated was the daily grind … get to the office before 8 AM, handle all of that paper mail, work on cases that were in process, answer random phone calls, meet with walk-in clients and prospects, attend association and business conferences and meetings, try and relax for just minutes at a time, get home late in the evening, try and freshen up a bit then hit the sack, exhausted most days, then wake up the next morning and start the whole process all over again! As I entered retirement, I sold the Insurance Agency and began working from home, focused mostly on the Real Estate Appraisal business, the Rental Management and the Real Estate Brokerage business. Even from home, I was still almost constantly controlled by random phone calls, business contacts and client/tenant issues that needed fixed! I was still unable to fine the time to just relax, enjoy some of the day and do some things just for Randy.

I finally decided to really retire from my now 38 year career, so
in 2010, I decided not to renew my Real Estate Broker license and my Real Estate Appraiser license and see what life had in store for me. It didn’t take long to find that I missed some of the positive aspects of my career, namely contact with many diverse people and the feeling that I was contributing, somehow, to the welfare of others and myself. Then I found Network Marketing and my life has changed dramatically. What I have today is all of the positives I had in my earlier career and very few of the negatives. In fact, I have had the time to read something other than insurance policies, real estate contracts and appraisal reports and most of what I have read to date, have been books that have added immensely to my personal growth and development into a much healthier life style!

This video really says it all regarding the benefits and rewards that I have found on my new journey into Network Marketing. I wanted to share it with you and I look forward to your comments to this post. If it wasn’t for this new journey, I wouldn’t be writing this short little article or even feeling like I had anything to share. Network Marketing is addictive, but it is a GOOD addiction!

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It’s Addictive!

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5 responses to “
It’s Addictive!

  1. paul sloan says:

    Right on Randy great video really like the presentation and apprieciate the insight and the dedication to marketing you Rock Randy

  2. Hi Randy, I was taking a look around on your blog today. I would like to say I enjoyed the flash presentation. In it you point out several calls to action. You clearly have a road map for your subscribers. The one part that I like most is when you mention freedom. I think it’s amazing that with the amount of resources we have available to us on a daily basis, we are free. We obtain that freedom through channels that are available to us in many ways. Don’t think we could reach out as far back in the good ole 70’s, and this is what makes Network Marketing powerful for us today. Nice post!

  3. Great post and video Randy. I’m addicted to network marketing too and like you said…a good addiction. It gives us the opportunity to have more control over our lives.

  4. Oh, Randy, if this does not make folks stop
    to think about happiness and freedon in
    network marketing, nothing will probably do it.
    Thanks for your insight.

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