It Is Teachable Thursday

Welcome to my newest blog site … I encourage you to visit it often as I will be posting daily. The primary focus of my posts will be in the area of Personal Growth and Development, and will spill over into the Growth and Development of my Internet Networking Experiences.

Good Morning Everyone … it is April 26, 2012 and it is Teachable Thursday!

We had a short but excellent presentation this morning from Janet and Spider Legere on Morning Motivator. Spider shared information about cookie eating and Janet shared information about what being teachable is all about!

Janet’s part began with a quote from Bill Moyers … “Sharing is the essence of teaching. It is, I have come to believe, the essence of civilization … without it, the imagination is but the echo of the self, trapped in a soundproof chamber, reverberating upon itself until it is spent in exhaustion or futility.”

Read that again … isn’t that truly the essence of teaching? Wow, what a great concept to remember! Here is another, if I may quote Janet. “Take new information In … Process new Information … Share new Information. Share What You Learn And You Will Grow”!

Teachable is defined as: willing or able to learn. Am I teachable? Are you teachable? The essence of teaching is sharing what you have learned. What have you learned today? What have you shared today?

Tomorrow I will be back with another post, sharing what I have learned …

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