I Like Community Commerce Group because …

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Hi friends and new readers
Randy May, here …

Let me tell you why I like CCG. There are many reasons … these are but a few:

1) It beats working for a start. Working at a “JOB” does not build wealth;

2) I can earn a good income just from the products alone. I don’t have to buy any of them … anyone can buy them from me! Shoppers have a choice of over 1,200 stores from my one web site! I keep all the commission generated by those sales … CCG takes nothing!;

3) I like the fact that for every one I bring into CCG, I will be paid $60 per month as log as they remain active. For everyone who joins below me, 4 levels deep, I will also earn $60 per month, no matter who signs them up! I get the commission each & every month as long as they are active;

4) I never have to pay out of pocket after I become a member … the monthly fee is paid only from my profit;

5) I can build my team one at a time. I concentrate on getting one new member first. There is no rush to the finish line … what finish line? You decide! When I have that 1st member, I help him/her to understand the program, then I concentrate on 1 more new member. I always work on getting 1 new member, then it does not seem like it’s such a huge mountain for me to climb! That’s why I say there is no rush..just get 1 referral, then get another 1. One at a time is a speed we can all work at and succeed;

6) There is no rush, no selling, no auto ship, no failure … just plenty of time to build my team and wealth for my family!

Think positive … know you can do this. Remember.. “you just need one today”!

I’d love to share this opportunity with you … the choice is yours … will you click the link?


Randy May, Founding Member
Community Commerce Group, LLC
Skype me: trandymay
Call me: 888-820-2357

I hope to be back soon with another post, sharing more of what I have learned and experienced on-line … If you would like to comment on this post, please do, comments are always appreciated!


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I Like Community Commerce Group because …

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