I Just Had To Share This!

I received this email from Chris Reid, my mentor in 7 Minute Workout. After reading it, I just had to share it with all of you who read my blog … it is so “On The Mark” with me and really should be with everyone …

Hi Randy,

Today is the first, last and only time
in the entire existence of this planet
that it will be March 8th 2013.

Grasp that.

Eternity has been building up to
today….so how are you going to
mark this momentous occasion?

You just gonna punch the clock
like yesterday? Just take your 15
minute break when your boss
tells you, “now is the time you
may do as you please”

Seriously, I woke up today thinking,
“thank GOD I own my life and control
my time”….then I started wondering
just what the heck are YOU doing

Do you control your days?
Do you own your existence?
Do you find yourself exclusively
in places that YOU decided to go?

Look, it will NEVER happen if
you do not slap yourself in the
face and realize that each day you
allow to pass without making a
HUGE push for change, is a day

It is a wasted point in history, it
is a waste to have gotten to this
point….if you are living a life where
today will be the same as yesterday…
what’s the point? How can you celebrate?
How can you realize that today is
the only time in history that it will
ever be March 8th 2013? It makes no
difference if YOU don’t do something

So get out there Randy. Get out
there and build your dreams and create
your freedom. You need to resolve that
TODAY will be a step in the right direction,
it will be a day where you grow your business
and each stage of growth will make the next
stage easier…believe me….when I talked about
wealth as a 20 year old, most did not listen
to me. When I shared business ideas as a 25
year old, a few listened….when I shared
business advise as a 30 year old, people thought
I was kinda smart….when I shared business
ideas as a 35 year old….the room got quiet….and
now as a 40 year old….well…you are still reading

If I did not take those steps as a 20, 25, 30 or 35
year old, you would not give a rats behind about
who I was and what I had to say.

Will it take you 20 years? Not likely….you
are on your journey, but seem a little stalled
so change it. Change it literally right now!

You are in front of your computer or are
looking at your phone or tablet and are
about to finish reading this email…so what
are you going to do next? Email, call, text
whatever…do something right now to grow
your business. And the thing you do…don’t
just do it so you can say you did something.

Instead, decide the outcome you want and
keep pushing until that outcome happens.

Contact someone right now who will be in
your organization tomorrow. Do not let it
NOT happen.

Do something….right now.

Chris Reid
President & Co-Founder

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I Just Had To Share This!

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One response to “
I Just Had To Share This!

  1. Awesome and how true.
    Taking steps and action are the only
    way to make it happen.
    Thanks for sharing Randy.

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