Hillary’s knocking at the White House door

Hillary’s knocking at the White House door, will you let her in?

Tea Party Patriots, If we fail to point out on a daily basis, how much of a scumbag Hillary and Bill Clinton are, then we deserve who we will see sworn into office in January 2017.
Every tea party organization, conservative group, Christians and Republicans, should be screaming at the top of their lungs, who Hilary Clinton is, and what she has done.

Many of us know about her role in the Benghazi murders and cover up, but do not forget her full record.
1. She was fired for lies, and unethical behavior in the Watergate trials
2. During the Whitewater criminal investigations, she lied under oath and was brought up on perjury charges
3. She was the main culprit in the U.S. Travel office corruption and scandal
4. She was caught lying about facing sniper fire in Bosnia
5. She received Illegal campaign contributions in her senate and presidential campaigns (China) she was forced to give back over $850,000.
6. She was fined $35,000 for under reporting campaign contributions.
7. During her time as a Senator from New York, more than 1 million people from her district moved out of the state.
8. Hillary and Bill Clinton were involved with Samuel Berger’s theft and destruction of documents from the national archives, involving the failure to apprehend Osama bin laden prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks.
9. Hilary and Bill Clinton pardoned F.A.L.N terrorist who bombed over 36 places in Chicago and killed hundreds. She denied having anything to do with it, however documents show, she received a letter from a then City Councilor Jose Rivera, who advised her, if she wanted to get the Spanish vote for her senate election, she needs to influence her husband to pardon the group.
10. She does not favor English as the official language of America.
11. She voiced the opinion to remove “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, because if offended some people.
If you do your research, you will find other criminal activities tied to the Clinton’s, including several suicides and murders of people who had ties to them.

If your a conservative blogger, radio show host, vlogger, or write a column, you should warn the world of the danger this woman and her circle represent. We should have daily public service announcements on every conservative show. We need to raise money to create commercials for radio, television and the Internet. Urge every conservative to post about her. Educate the public about this dangerous, evil, vindictive woman. She is a women void of values, morals and ethics.

If you love your country and do not want it to fall into the hands of this pure evil villain, please share. Make this go viral.

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Hillary’s knocking at the White House door

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