Here Is An Excellent Message!

As after most Tragedies, especially those that involve the “Criminal” use of a firearm, it seems the main stream media and the political establishment just have to get their “two Cents” in, regardless of the feelings of those harmed by the incidents.

In the first few days after them most recent “School Shooting Spree”, I witnessed some really bizarre comments and post on social networks that made me wonder about the condition of our social environment. I am a Life Member of the NRA and I saw posts admonishing me, as Life Member and even calling for my death!

Does anyone out there understand the 2nd. Amendment? It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read and understand the 26 words contained therein. When I see idiots posting hate and violence statements because of a publicized violent event, I wonder just who the real criminals are!

I was so relieved to have the NRA, after consideration of the families of those harmed and after consideration of the facts in this most recent violent assault upon our innocent children, call together the main stream media in Washington DC and make an official statement and provide a real solution to this ever increasing social dysfunction. Listen to the words of a genuine leader and especially to the commitment that this long standing organization, the NRA, is making to put into action a real solution, rather than sit around and talk about what laws need to be amended or written … NEED I SAY MORE?

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Here Is An Excellent Message!

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