For God So Loved The World …

Welcome friends, to December 25th, 2012 … the time each year that we formally celebrate a day we know as Christmas.

Can you define in your own heart the reason for this celebration? Is it about colorful lights, fancy wrapped gifts, adorned trees in our homes, visits from friends and relatives around tables of bountiful feasts? Is it about the excitement and joy of watching the children open their gifts and squeal with delight? Is it about the fellowship that we share this year, as we do every year, with those we call friend or family?

Well, as far as I am concerned it is about all of these things, yet the truth, as I see it, is that all of these things are just physical manifestations of the real reason for this day of celebration. Celebrating the ultimate gift, the gift of God to all of mankind.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” – St. John 3:16 (KJV)

So as we all celebrate this glorious day in history, let us all take time to remember the ultimate gift from our father and the ultimate sacrifice that that this gift made for us on the cross so that our sins should be no more. Accept this gift humbly and go out this day and every day, not just in December, and share this gift of love with all of mankind.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Safe and Peaceful New Year, but above all, I wish you the love and understanding of this ultimate gift and the Peace and Joy that it brings into our lives as we live it and share it each day with one another. I love you one and all!


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For God So Loved The World …

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For God So Loved The World …

  1. joyce says:

    loved that hope all remember the true meaning of Christmas

  2. Janet Legere says:

    Merry Christmad Randy, may the year ahead bring you great joy 😉

  3. Jack Barker says:

    I applaud Randy for reminding us that Jesus is the reason for the season. Every person’s greatest need is for a divine savior. There’s only one person who fills the bill, so to speak. The incarnation was a necessary first step to providing the salvation we all so desperately need.

  4. Randy, you have testified to the “reason for all seasons”. I pray that everyone has reflected on what our Heavenly Father has given us and the sacrifice that He and Jesus made on that cruel old tree, the cross. Christ must be left in Christmas. If it was not for Him there would be no Christmas.
    Thank you for your commitment.

  5. Dana Laine says:

    Beautiful post Randy. Happy Birthday Jesus! It is the ultimate gift!

  6. Judy Kruse says:

    Randy, hope you had a very blessed Christmas and thankyou for the wonderful message we all need to be reminded of.

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