Diversity, the “Spice of Life”

Many times I am asked, Randy, why do you live out there in Nebraska? There are not many people there … what is there to do?

Well, it is hard to answer that with anything other than my normal, short statement …. I like Diversity, it is the Spice of Life!

Watch this video … I think you might understand a little better!

The majority of Nebraskas population reside in or near Omaha and Lincoln, both of which are near the Missouri River on our East border. The rest of the state is comprised of small-town Nebraska! I live in Cozad, 245 miles West of Omaha and 200 miles West of Lincoln. Cozad was founded upon the 100th Meridian by John J. Cozad and we have to drive either 50 miles East or 45 Miles West to the nearest shopping mall! It is a 28 mile round trip to the nearest Wal-Mart … thank GOD!

To the best of my knowledge, there have been only 2 reported murders in the history of Cozad … the first occured in the early years when John J. Cozad got into a gun fight with a man named Pearson over a game of poker at the Hendee Hotel where John J. lived. The next murder was in the late 80’s when a traveler on I-80 shot and killed the clerk at a Convenience Store/Gas Station adjacent to I-80. Other than that, it is pretty peaceful here!


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Diversity, the “Spice of Life”

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