Declaration Of Independence, 2012

July 4, 2012

Hi everyone, Randy May here …

How appropriate, that on the eve of our country’s 236th anniversary celebration of our Independence from Britannic Slavery, Mark Walden, owner of Community Commerce Group, LLC, aka CCG, made a Declaration of Financial Independence by offering an unbelievable membership special that will last until the end of July, 2012!

The CCG community was “Rocked” by this selfless offer from Mark, allowing all people who wish to find their own Financial Independence a special vehicle to propel them toward that goal. Normally, when a member joins CCG’s affiliate marketing program, they have an initial monthly cost to pay as well as a onetime, membership fee. At the end of 30 days from joining, each member must decide whether they wish to continue in the program, in which case they pay another monthly fee and have 30 more days to build their teams.

A member needs to have 5 affiliates in their team downline (only 4 levels deep) to earn enough commission for the required monthly fee. In these times of slow economic activity, some folks find that a bit frightening! Many that I have talked to about CCG and the affiliate marketing program can see and feel the power of this compensation plan, but are insecure about their ability to build into a profit position within the first 30 days.

Well, FEAR NO MORE! If you join CCG yet this month, you will pay once, out of pocket and you will never be required to pay from your pocket again, as long as you remain a member! Yes, this is like a “lifetime” upgrade!

After joining, you will begin building your own team that joins after you, and once you have 5 team members, your monthly cost will be covered by your profit and all the rest of the commissions you earn above that goes into your pocket … yes, IN YOUR POCKET! It works the same for all that follow you, so as long as you maintain 5 active members on your team of 4 levels deep and infinitely wide, you never have to reach into your pocket again for your monthly participation cost.

Learn more about CCG and this Declaration of Financial Independence by filling out the short form at the following link.

Randy, I want to learn more!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


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Declaration Of Independence, 2012

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Declaration Of Independence, 2012

  1. Sue Carveth says:

    Randy I have to agree with you 150%. I have been online and networking for years and never in my life has any network marketing company owner ever cared for one minute and gave to the people like Mark Walden has. He really cares about peoples’ success … why? Because he has been there, ripped off and struggled with companies just like all of us. He has truly raised the bar to help those who want financial independence. In my eyes, he has gone above and beyond for our success. This really is the only company I believe anyone can make themselves a self made millionaire with very little effort. All you have to do is share the greatest opportunity in history. Don’t get left behind … this is your once in a lifetime chance to make it!!!!! You owe this to yourself and your family. Grab it and run with it!!!! See you on the beaches of the world.:)

  2. Gil Hayward says:

    Yes, opportunities like this come but once in a lifetime. You pay once, and you never pat out of pocket again – ever! You will pay once you are in profit, from your profits. Here’s to a monthly residual income for all who join. Did you ever say “no” to something that actually made it big? Like Walmart or Microsoft or Amazon… CCG has a mall for you with Walmart and Microsoft and Amazon stocked full of stuff. Everyone – including you – who shops at your virtual mall pays you a commission every time they make a purchase. You save and earn at the same time. CCG pays you handsomely for every person you introduce. We are helping families get out of debt. Want to thrive? Join Community Commerce Croup, LLC.

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