Creativity + Belief + Action!

My friend and mentor, Chris Reid, President of 7 Minute Workout, sent this video to me today with his personal thoughts about sharing it with others and I decided to go beyond just sharing it on facebook ..
I wanted to make it a blog post and share it over and over again!

Here is what Chris said …

Hi Randy,
I did not make this, I found it on
facebook but it is AWESOME!!!

It BEGS for action! It confronts
INACTION! You know people who
are sick of their jobs, unhappy
about life and are now living with
regrets…but it is NOT too late!

Share it! If you have not done the
facebook sharing before, share this
one and be ready for the responses!

Notice I am not recommending putting any
lead capture pages with this etc.

No….this is an emotional appeal and requires
a personal touch….not a splash page.

When people PM you, reveal that you are in
the business and proud to be because the program
is based on respect and improving people’s
reality through health and financial advice.

Discuss what you are able to do, what you are
trying to do and what you are working on learning.

The hope is that your prospect will realize
that he or she either has knowledge or interest
in one of the areas you are working on….perhaps
they can pursue that area while you pursue
something else and then you can brief each
other on your findings…..and that my friend is
the power of a team.

Do not wait around for some guru to take
you under their wing…not gonna happen!
These guys can make $25K sending an email
so why are they going to spend 2 hours on the
phone teaching you how to make your first
sale? I know you think they should but let’s
just face the facts that they don’t….and you
waste a lot of time wishing they would but
there is no need!

Think about it…the law of attraction…what are
you? A beginner who is trying to make a go of
business online and would love to team up with
others who want to share in the experience and
work together…it sure makes the process a lot
more fun!

Don’t try to pretend to have all the answers and
make promises you cannot keep. Be honest and
sincere and then the law of attraction can start
working….attract other newbie dream seeking
marketers….there are WAY more of them than
virtually any other target market!

You do not have to be an expert, you do not
have to have all the answers, you just need a
positive attitude…and belief…like when you
put a blanket on your back and it made you
feel like Superman! 😉

Have a great start to the rest of your life!

Chris Reid
President & Co-Founder

If you would enjoy hearing more from Chris and learn about
our 7 Minute Workout program, contact me at your convenience.

Randy May
Skype: trandymay
Call: 888-820-2357

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Creativity + Belief + Action!

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