CLB Webinar Today

I was busy this morning, but a friend of mine, Susan Young, was able to attend a webinar that I usually attend. The webinar is a weekly training that is presented by Janet Legere of Contact List Builder (CLB). Susan told me that today, she learned about uploading new media to her WordPress Blog and now I am sorry that I was unable to attend 🙁 . Well, to help lesson the tears I had, Susan also shared the video that Janet closed the webinar with and it did stop my tears and motivate me back to a good place! I’m happy to share it with you, just in case you might need a little “pick up”.

You can meet Susan by going to her blog,

You can learn more about Contact List Builder using this link .

I wish you all a great day and I suggest that you Clapa Your Hands and Stompa Your Feet … Life Today, Is What We Make Of It!

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CLB Webinar Today

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4 responses to “
CLB Webinar Today

  1. AnnaLoredana says:

    Thanks Randy! Great Lesson!

  2. Brenda Hall says:

    Great post Randy watch this this morning,

  3. Sue Young says:

    Great lesson Randy. I just learned something new from your post too. Thanks!

  4. Sara says:

    Great post, Randy! Stompa on…

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