Belly To Belly with CCG

Hi … Randy May, here …

If you have been marketing in the MLM industry
very long, you have probably recognized that so
many of these programs have compensation plans
that it takes a “Rocket Scientist” to understand
and even figure out! Do you relate?

I would most likely, because I don’t give up and
I am very stubborn, still be jumping from one MLM
to another where there is a promise of earning
great sums of money with very little effort, if I
hadn’t been invited to join Community Commerce Group.

In Community Commerce Group (CCG) we do not have
any auto ships, no PV, DV, BD, GV or anything like that!
No bonuses, no fast start packages … no promises
that we’ll easily succeed without putting in much effort.

No, in CCG we work hard! We get back to good ‘ol, down
to earth marketing. I call it “Belly to Belly” marketing. It
means I have to contact people directly and personally …
It means I have to take the lead and reach out to people I
don’t know and say Hi … It means I want to get to know
new people and maybe I’ll get a chance to share CCG with
them, once I have their permission!

If you like what you have read so far, follow the link
I have provided that will take you to my LCP. There is
information to read and a video to watch … Then and
Only Then, if you wish to know more, complete the form
and I will contact you via email and set a time that we
talk together, “Belly to Belly”.

Here is the link:

Have a great day and I hope to see your info populate into
my interested list!

Randy May
Skype me: trandymay
Toll Free: 888-820-2357

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Belly To Belly with CCG

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