4 Part Fitness & Weight Loss Series

Former World Martial Art Champion and Co-Founder of 7minuteworkout, Chris Reid, is leading a FREE fitness
and weight loss program that starts online this coming Monday!

It does not actually involve exercise, his class is more about education and making the mental shift for health….and NO, he does not just offer a bunch of guilt trips and doom and gloom stats that we’ve all heard! He has this down to a science!

No credit card, no strings, it is a totally free 4 part lecture series that Chris leads online. In fact, Check This Out:

The guy in the video is Chris’ partner Joel but you can see what they do for their actual workouts by registering to watch the recording of one of their live home workouts. You’ll see Chris after you register (free). It will just give you perspective if he references his workouts during the 4 part series … you will know what he is talking about.

Just put the time aside and try to be available for the live lecture on Monday, if not, I can try to get you a recording.

Complete this form and I’ll send you the login link on Monday…ok?

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4 Part Fitness & Weight Loss Series

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