Weightless Wednesday

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Weightless Wednesday … What’s That About!

Hi everyone, Randy May here …

Today, On the Morning Motivator with Janet Legere, we continued our study of the The Law Of Attraction. Janet began our session with a quote by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), “In this life, your so-called ordinary life, you must be rooted; and in your inner space, in the spiritual life, you must be weightless …. flying, flowing and floating.” Ok, so I have two lives? One life that is rooted and one that is weightless? Well, after all, this quote is made by an Indian spiritual thinker, so he probably understands better than I!

So what am I to learn from this quote. My ordinary life must be rooted and my spiritual life must be weightless? I think I get it! I think the Bhagwan was speaking to balance as so many others speak. If I allow my ordinary life (let’s call it my physical reality), to be rooted, I may just get too much root, or in another sense, too much weight upon that part of my life and by doing so, I may become imbalanced to a point of losing the peace and tranquility in my spiritual life (let’s call it my spiritual reality), which is necessary for me to stay positive and focused on my wants. Now here we go again with that Law Of Attraction … what thoughts I focus on the most, become my physical reality. The more I can think about what I want, the more thoughts I have to attract it to my reality. Matching thoughts are drawn together and they become a more powerful emotion. When we attach an emotion to our thoughts, those thoughts will become a reality.

How long with this take? Well, Janet suggested that we can speed the creation of something (our physical reality), just by giving it more thought. And remember, pure desire is always accompanied by positive emotion. So I gather all these thoughts together, toss out the negatives and then to that group of positives, I attach my emotion and …. yep, there it is …. my reality for today!

As I wrote out my exercises today in my Day #39 of Tools to Life, my thoughts were just going wild! I found myself with all these random thoughts of excuses and justifications for why I seemed to be stalled out in my daily endeavors. I processed these thoughts and made conscious decisions as to whether they fit into my wants for today and almost all of them were negative and I found that they were actually suppressing the real truth I wanted to ignore which was, that I was definitely a major procrastinator! I was trying to focus on what I want (success in learning and achieving my financial and personal goals) without truthfully addressing some really major “road blocks” that have plagued my own growth and development for years!

I could see today, that If I really wanted these positive results to come about, I needed to take some action and remove the hurdles that were in my path. I could see that my “life path” had been more of a circular path rather than a straight path toward my life goal and the most evident reason I could clearly see today was that I had been procrastinating much of the action required for a straight path. I was avoiding some really basic character defects that caused me to veer off track and eventually I ended up right back where I started from, rather than moving straight forward toward my goals or wants.

So, today I took an honest and long look at these defects and made a decision to include on my daily To-Do List, some positive actions to remove these long time “Road Blocks”, one at a time, rather then just trying to go around them. YES! Once I had written my new list out, I realized that my spiritual reality actually felt as if I were floating above this physical reality and I felt really energized and positive that for maybe the first time in my life, I was looking directly at the problem and the solution at the same time and it felt balanced. Whew …. I took a deep breath, called a very special friend, shared what was happening with me, then asked him if he would be my accountability partner for the time being and help me hold a straight path toward my wants instead of the way I had been moving. He accepted, we went over my To-Dos for today and we have a phone appointment later this evening for my end of day report!

I now understand Weightless Wednesday and how it applies to my world. My pure desire, accompanied by the emotion of passion that I feel for tearing down my “Road Blocks” and being accountable to someone besides myself, has helped me feel weightless!

How about you … are you able to feel weightless, flying, flowing, floating?

Enjoy this short video as you find your inner power and weightlessness.

Tomorrow I hope to be back with another post, sharing what I have learned and experienced today … If you would like to comment on this post, please do, they are always appreciated!

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Weightless Wednesday

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Weightless Wednesday

  1. judy h says:

    Randy-I really like what you said today – I have known you were floaty for a long time. haha. It does make sense to have your physical self rooted and your spiritual self free to take on new ideas.

  2. Jesica Pelak says:

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