Mar. 5 – Daily Reflection

For sound sleep, no pillow is as soft as a clean conscience.
– Anonymous

Are you getting the best night’s sleep possible?

Many people have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. Sleep plays a crucial role in your health and well-being. Often we lose sleep because our minds are preoccupied with going over the day’s events or planning for future ones. If you have problems sleeping, try creating a journal. Write out your worries and fears about what is happening in your life. Are you considering a career change? Are your in-laws coming for a visit? Do you have a strained relationship with someone? Allow your thoughts to flow out honestly to better prepare for a good night’s rest.

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Mar. 5 – Daily Reflection

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Mar. 5 – Daily Reflection

  1. Is n’t this true Randy? I had one of those Nights again. It is easy to drift off to sleep, but wake up an hour later and not sleep again for several more. Yes, emptying your mind of troublesome thoughts may be a very good solution. Thanks.

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