Leads Don’t Build Leaders Yet 174 of 200 Made That Choice

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I just learned that out of 200 people 174 said they’d take leads over skills.


They need them.


They failed with their warm market and with other leads they had.

Where’s the logic?

If friends and relatives did NOT like what we had to say, what in the world would make anyone think strangers would like it any better? Good Grief!

Everybody knows,if we are going to make some money …
we need to talk to people.

And that is a skill. Period!


The Go90Grow skill-based video series is creating a buzz because people are picking up a couple of quick skills, like rejection free recruiting and getting instant results. In just a couple days close to 500 people have joined the conversation. And are getting results!

It’s skills, not leads, that build leaders … and everybody knows you simply cannot teach what you do not know.

Up until a year ago, Go90Grow was probably the best kept secret about real training in MLM.

No more.

If a $50,000,000 company hired Mark J & The Fab D to get their hands on this training for all of their reps it would be news. That is exactly what has happened and it’s news you can use!


But that’s not why it’s not a secret anymore.

It’s because that company had 197% growth since getting the Go90Grow Training for every rep. WOW!

I know I’ve emailed you about this a few times. It’s because it’s important that you grab this training and learn the skills. It’s skills that build leaders and new enrollees….and that leads to leads!

It simply does not happen the other way around …..

so what do you want to go hunting for today?

Skills or Leads?


Best regards,
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Leads Don’t Build Leaders Yet 174 of 200 Made That Choice

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