Goal Setting – Following A Plan

One of the first things I had to recognize as I entered this current phase of my life was that I had no way of getting anywhere successfully unless I had actually set myself down with pen and pad and made a list of all the things that I wanted to accomplish.

I spent 12 years in primary school and nearly 8 years in college and to this day, I do not recall ever hearing about making a written goal for my life and following it up with a plan of action, much less being guided or taught just how I should go about doing such an activity.

Today, in my marketing business, I have a written goal and a written plan of action to follow. In making the plan of action, I had to begin with building a foundation for my business that I could then build on, step by step toward reaching my ultimate goal.

Before I was taught this very simple strategy, I seemed to just go around and around, like I was stuck on a Merry-Go-Round. From the Merry-Go-Round, I proceeded to the Roller Coaster and other “Rides” that challenged my commitment to follow my plan of action.

Today, I feel more like I’m on the Ferris Wheel … I am steadily and comfortably moving along my path, experiencing low levels and high levels, but I have learned that I can continue to grow my business from the ground level, move up and over the highest point, then arrive back at the starting level to begin another segment of my plan. What a great feeling it is to realize that this is the best adventure I have every been on!

Where did I find this guidance so late in life? I found it at Contact List Builder. I found it following the CLB 5 Steps To Success Plan. I found it with my mind and ears open and my mouth shut, most of the time!

If you are involved in network marketing, on or off line, and find yourself riding a Merry-Go-Round or a Roller Coaster, may I suggest that you take a look at the Contact List Builder 5 Steps To Success plan and change your experience in the Carnival of Life as a network marketer.

You can learn more about Contact List Builder by clicking on the link I have provided … I invite you to come ride the Ferris Wheel with me today.

Come Ride The Ferris Wheel!

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Goal Setting – Following A Plan

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Goal Setting – Following A Plan

  1. Janet Legere says:

    GREAT post Randy and good reminder to people to actually set goals and create a plan of action to achieve them. You are creating a GREAT example here Randy. Well done! Your leadership continues to shine through 😉

  2. Susan Young says:

    Great article Randy. It’s true. I’d heard about setting goals for a while now and I always had them in my head. Then I realized I had to write them down and create the plan of action for them because in my head they were just dreams. Having your goals written down with the plan of action moves you consistently forward towards your success.

  3. Nice post Randy, I can’t see better than this!

  4. Robert Faith says:

    Very nice article Randy. Written goals and plans are critical.

  5. Great Article Randy. I\A goal is indeed a dream with a deadline. Most impressed.

  6. Sara says:

    How true, Randy! Merry Go Arounds and Roller Coasters are only fun for so long befroe they become improductive… ;-)Welcome down!

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