Feb. 20 – Daily Reflection

“Be wise in the use of time. The question in life is not how much time do we have. The question is what shall we do with it.”
– Anna Robertson Brown, author

Storing up for the winters of life

One of Aesop’s most famous fables is about an encounter between a grasshopper and some ants. All summer long the ants had been toiling away, saving up grain for the long winter. All the while the grasshopper merrily–yet foolishly–squandered his time without a care in the world, without making any provisions for the cold season to come. When winter came, the grasshopper found himself starving and begged the ants for food. They replied, “If you were foolish enough to sing all the summer, you must dance supper-less to bed in the winter.” While leisure time is important for rejuvenating an overworked mind, idleness is just a step away from foolishness. Think about the future that you deeply desire for yourself and your family. Chart and take wise steps towards it. There’s nothing wrong with stopping to smell the roses, as long as you keep moving along the path.


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Feb. 20 – Daily Reflection

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